Environmental Assessment

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Cover, Executive Summary, Abbreviations and Table of Contents 143KB
Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need 471KB
Chapter 2 - Alternatives 567KB
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences 6.47MB
Chapter 4 - Comments and Coordination 70KB
Chapter 5 - Next Steps 26KB
Chapter 6 - References 26KB
Appendix A - Comparative Data for the Alternatives 36KB
Appendix B - Environmental Justice Data Tables 52KB
Appendix C  
  Noise and Vibration Methodology 233KB
  Preferred Alternative Noise and Vibration Contour Maps 6.46MB
  Route B Alternative Noise and Vibration Contour Maps 8.39MG
  Preferred Alternative and Route B Alternative Joint Segment Noise and Vibration Contour Maps 6.12MB
Appendix D - Hazardous Materials Sites 16KB
Appendix E - Cultural Resources 1.52MB
Appendix F - Coordination Letters 6.38MB
Appendix G - Preliminary Farmland Conversion Impact Rating Form 42KB